With a growing reputation worldwide, OLE is fast becoming the preferred choice for Tank Gauges in the Commercial Sector. With an attractive range of Tank Gauge models, from entry-level options to advance . OLE Tank Gauges meets the needs of a number of industries. All of their products are designed to the highest quality to ensure consistently precise level readings ( +/- 0.25% best accuracy and +/- 1% range entry level ) with all manufacturing and sourcing of materials place in the UK.

Models with ATEX certified probe available, with probes rated for Zone 0&1.

The zoning of the OLE Z2000 & Z5020 :

  • The OLE ATEX gauges are suitable for use as Petroleum based fuels in zone 0 & 1 (the sensor is ATEX certified)
  • The Gauge is separated from the sensor by an ATEX Zener barrier. This provides protection to the sensor if there is a spike from the gauge electronics.
  • The Gauge housing is not ATEX approved for installation in a Zone 2 area and must be installed in a safe area.
  • Z2020 & T5020 models does not have an ATEX Zener barrier.